Welcome to the site showcasing the pre-production art of the animated short BAMBI MEETS GODZILLA II: THE WRECK-ONING. A Mythos Entertainment release. A delightful parody that will warm the hearts of all ages.

  The purpose of this parody/animation short was to showcase and put into practice the skills of a group of creative individuals. The end result is a portfolio piece to entertain others for a few moments. Just do not sneeze until it is over!  ;)

  History: April 11, 1998 was the first meeting of the creative team of BAMBI MEETS GODZILLA II THE WRECK-ONING. Headed by Rafael Olivas of Mythos (now Project Sphinx), the others in this group were artist/animators: Jose Antonio Scarpitta, Pete Davis and Rick Lucey. Russ Volckmann of VOLKSMEDIA would later join the group. From this meeting came the idea to create an animation short. The new GODZILLA movie was coming out at this time and it sparked one of the ideas which was storyboarded to become this project. The feature release inspired Rick to suggest a short he sketched 3 years earlier, a parody based on the classic Marv Newland short. The following 2D concept art pieces presented here were created in April/May of 1998 by Rick Lucey. Some of the 3D art presented here was created by Jose Antonio Scarpitta, Pete Davis & Rick Lucey.

  The finished short created in 3D Studio Max was not exactly pumped out in record time, but being a no-budget volunteer project these things are understandable. Of course it was discovered in the middle of production that another creator, one Eric Fernandes, had completed the exact same idea called SON OF BAMBI MEETS GODZILLA. This production was in the SPIKE & MIKE CLASSIC FESTIVALOF ANIMATION, a coincidental situation but not surprising given the subject matter. Mythos Entertainment is now defunct but the project was finally completed in December 2002 and that is what is most important to the collaborative team.

For distribution or exhibition rights, please contact  Rick Lucey