I have always had a great interest in comic books since an early age and am always putting rough graphic narrative ideas down on scraps of paper or in sketchbooks. On display in this section are completed graphic stories.  Also if you are in San Francisco you can find my 24 Hour Comics, DOCBOT comic, etc at places like Mission Comics and Art and the Cartoon Art Museum store.

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The story here was originally presented in the fourth issue of GRIP, a self-published comic book anthology I created with Mark Benham.You can also download it on a smart phone now. Link here RAT NAMED BOVE
Click on images to see larger view and the complete story.
Click on the cover to view art work I created illustrating a story by Uri Fink.  Cover here by Uri Fink.
Click on the cover to view the complete story  my brother Rob wrote and I illustrated.
This is a cover of DOCBOT a comic book I published in late 2011. To find out more about it click on the cover image here.